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Contact Name Rex Lee
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Email rex_lee(at)
Telephone 28771160
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Street Address 30/F, Siu On Centre, 188 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
   Join ICO for a unique IT career experience:

Exposure, Depth, Challenge and Pride of Achievement

ICO is a rapidly expanding organization that focuses on providing increasing range of IT products, solutions and services to three types of clients: organizations that serve global cities, regional corporations aspiring to becoming global, and global firms.

The kinds of products, solutions and services that we provide are usually enterprise class and at the technology cutting edge. We source, mold, synthesize, develop and build technologies into systems which enable our clients to stay in the competitive race, to win the competitive race or to change the rules of the competitive game.

Our focal expertise is in applying technologies to meaningful use.

Our performance in the industry is legendary. That is why we have client list, service-award list and project success list that are out of reach by most IT organizations. And we intend to elevate and enhance those lists, hopefully with your contribution embedded.

What we are looking for are candidates who could survive a most demanding culture and grow with us as we reach towards ever expanding horizons. We secure our collective future by being extremely trustworthy, dependable, professional, proactive and innovative. We are looking for candidates who could fit into this kind of work ethics, who are in possession of these qualities, and who are willing to acquire these skills.

We become a great organization by doing great things, by embracing challenges what other IT organizations consider as mission impossible. We see challenge as a way to transform ourselves and to grow ourselves so that we could prepare ourselves for even greater responsibilities ahead. We are determined to secure a unique place in the history of IT by making great contributions, and you could become part of this group of history makers.

Join a team of great colleagues.

Join us to become a great being.

If you want to know more about ICO, please visit to our website
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